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In line with the latest government guidance, most visiting restrictions have been lifted. Residents can have an unlimited number of visitors and there are no restrictions in terms of how long visits can last. Each visitor wishing to come inside Grange Lea will need to wear PPE (which we will provide) and complete a lateral flow test on the day of their visit (these can be obtained from your local chemist or alternatively we can provide them). 

Outdoor visits are still permitted and it is not necessary to perform any testing or wear PPE if you are meeting a resident outside

Residents are also now able to leave Grange Lea (for any reason - to go to Church, attend medical appointments or go to a cafe with family/friends etc.) and are not required to isolate upon their return. The requirement here is that all people the resident will come in to contact with on such visits (i.e. family members or friends) should complete a lateral flow test on the day. If any of these come back positive the visit out can not go ahead. Further PPE should be worn when it is not possible to socially distance.


The only time a resident will need to isolate following an external visit is in the event of an unplanned overnight hospital stay, which are deemed higher risk and would result in the resident having to isolate in their room for 14 days upon their return to Grange Lea - this guidance will be revised as soon as government guidance on post-hospital isolation requirements changes. 

We closely monitor infection levels in the local community and may need to amend our policy on visits in and out of the care home if local infection levels become elevated.  

Please follow this link for the full government guidance. 

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