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Quality Assurance

Providing outstanding, personalised care to our residents is our number one priority. We have implemented several quality assurance measures to ensure the service offered at Grange Lea consistently meets our exacting standards Each of these measures is detailed below.


Staff training


All staff boast a wealth of experience with many having worked at Grange Lea for over 10 years. All staff are fully compliant with mandatory and statutory training requirements and regularly receive additional training in areas of elderly care.


Members of our senior care team have also received enhanced training in key areas of care delivery, such as falls prevention, medication administration and mental health - they then act as champions within the home and spread best practise.   

Quality Assurance review

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining and improving quality in our Care Home, we conduct a yearly Quality Assurance review with our residents, relatives/visitors and staff. We use these reviews to identify what works well in Grange Lea and most importantly, which areas can be improved.


Themost recent resident, family/visitor and staff quality assurance reviews have been attached below. 



Stakeholder meetings

We hold stakeholder meetings, with residents, staff and relatives/visitors on a regular basis. These meetings are held bi-monthly with residents and quarterly with other stakeholders. We use these meetings to understand what is going well and which areas can be improved within Grange Lea. Minutes are taken from these meetings and distributed to all stakeholders. Actions are taken and reviewed in subsequent meetings.


Internal audits

Management undertake internal audits on a regular basis to confirm procedures are operating as they should be; areas reviewed include house keeping, care plans, pocket money, infection control, staff training, kitchen and medication procedures.


External assessments 

We are registered with and inspected by the Care Quality Commission. A copy of our latest report can be found on their website: 

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